Lesser Serpentis Covert Research Facility

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Anomaly Details
Lesser Serpentis Covert Research Facility
Type Cosmic Anomaly
Security Highsec
Known Regions Essence, Everyshore, Placid,Verge Vender
Pirate type Serpentis
Pirate Detection Array
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General Info

Lesser Serpentis Covert Research Facility is a Cosmic Anomaly.

Warp In Message:

" You are approaching a Serpentis research facility. Every project undertaken here is strictly legal and aboveboard. Nonetheless, we regret to inform you that any attempts at unauthorized access will be dangerous for you and your crew."

NPC's, Spawn and Trigger Information

Ghost Site Timer: -/+ 5 minutes.

Equipment Needed: Data or Relic Analyzer.

Hackable Containers: 4 spaced about 10-20km apart.

    (During hacking: Firewall points are ~40-50 difficulty  and tools in the code can be picked up to a max of 3.)

Known Loot: Covert Research Tools, Villard Wheel and Shattered Villard Wheel, Low-grade Ascendancy BPC (1 run)

Warning: Upon failing to hack a can, it explodes and damages/destroys your ship. (~2000 Explosive Damage)

When the Ghost Site Timer expires, high level Serpentis Cruisers spawn.

Known Spawn Variants:

1) 4x (Cruiser) Serpentis Warden(Warp Scramble)

2) 4x (Cruiser) Serpentis Watcher