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Relic Sites are archeological sites, abandoned long ago by their former owners. Their remaining magnetic metal content allows those with scanner probes to lock on to the relic scan signature and warp to these sites for exploration. By use of an Analyzer Module, pilots may extract artifacts from ancient debris which are often strewn about such sites. Furthermore Salvager Modules, are often needed to extract artifacts from ancient ships which may have been left to drift in these sites. Despite the decaying status of these sites, faction pirates may still lurk in the area and respond to attempts to pillage artifacts from them: Beware.

Relic Site List

Relic Cosmic Signatures in New Eden
Sig Str Angel Cartel Blood Raiders Guristas Sansha's Nation Serpentis
High Sec
10.0% Crumbling Angel Antiquated Outpost Crumbling Blood Raider Antiquated Outpost Crumbling Guristas Antiquated Outpost Crumbling Sansha Antiquated Outpost Crumbling Serpentis Antiquated Outpost
10.0% Crumbling Angel Excavation Crumbling Blood Raider Excavation Crumbling Guristas Excavation Crumbling Sansha Excavation Crumbling Serpentis Excavation
10.0% Looted Angel Collision Site Looted Blood Raider Collision Site Looted Guristas Collision Site Looted Sansha Collision Site Looted Serpentis Collision Site
10.0% Looted Angel Explosive Debris Looted Blood Raider Explosive Debris Looted Guristas Explosive Debris Looted Sansha Explosive Debris Looted Serpentis Explosive Debris
5.0% Crumbling Angel Crystal Quarry Crumbling Blood Raider Crystal Quarry Crumbling Guristas Crystal Quarry Crumbling Sansha Crystal Quarry Crumbling Serpentis Crystal Quarry
5.0% Crumbling Angel Solar Harvesters Crumbling Blood Raider Solar Harvesters Crumbling Guristas Solar Harvesters Crumbling Sansha Solar Harvesters Crumbling Serpentis Solar Harvesters
5.0% Looted Angel Abandoned Station Looted Blood Raider Abandoned Station Looted Guristas Abandoned Station Looted Sansha Abandoned Station Looted Serpentis Abandoned Station
5.0% Looted Angel Battle Remnants Looted Blood Raider Battle Remnants Looted Guristas Battle Remnants Looted Sansha Battle Remnants Looted Serpentis Battle Remnants
2.5% Crumbling Angel Explosive Debris Crumbling Blood Raider Explosive Debris Crumbling Guristas Explosive Debris Crumbling Sansha Explosive Debris Crumbling Serpentis Explosive Debris
2.5% Crumbling Angel Stone Formation Crumbling Blood Raider Stone Formation Crumbling Guristas Stone Formation Crumbling Sansha Stone Formation Crumbling Serpentis Stone Formation
2.5% Looted Angel Lone Vessel Looted Blood Raider Lone Vessel Looted Guristas Lone Vessel Looted Sansha Lone Vessel Looted Serpentis Lone Vessel
2.5% Looted Angel Pod Cluster Looted Blood Raider Pod Cluster Looted Guristas Pod Cluster Looted Sansha Pod Cluster Looted Serpentis Pod Cluster
1.25% Crumbling Angel Abandoned Colony Crumbling Blood Raider Abandoned Colony Crumbling Guristas Abandoned Colony Crumbling Sansha Abandoned Colony Crumbling Serpentis Abandoned Colony
1.25% Crumbling Angel Mining Installation Crumbling Blood Raider Mining Installation Crumbling Guristas Mining Installation Crumbling Sansha Mining Installation Crumbling Serpentis Mining Installation
1.25% Looted Angel Ruined Station Looted Blood Raider Ruined Station Looted Guristas Ruined Station Looted Sansha Ruined Station Looted Serpentis Ruined Station
1.25% Looted Angel Ship Graveyard Looted Blood Raider Ship Graveyard Looted Guristas Ship Graveyard Looted Sansha Ship Graveyard Looted Serpentis Ship Graveyard
Low Sec
10.0% Decayed Angel Excavation Decayed Blood Raider Excavation Decayed Guristas Excavation Decayed Sansha Excavation Decayed Serpentis Excavation
10.0% Decayed Angel Particle Accelerator Decayed Blood Raider Particle Accelerator Decayed Guristas Particle Accelerator Decayed Sansha Particle Accelerator Decayed Serpentis Particle Accelerator
10.0% Ransacked Angel Explosive Debris Ransacked Blood Raider Explosive Debris Ransacked Guristas Explosive Debris Ransacked Sansha Explosive Debris Ransacked Serpentis Explosive Debris
10.0% Ransacked Angel Ship Remnants Ransacked Blood Raider Ship Remnants Ransacked Guristas Ship Remnants Ransacked Sansha Ship Remnants Ransacked Serpentis Ship Remnants
5.0% Decayed Angel Collision Site Decayed Blood Raider Collision Site Decayed Guristas Collision Site Decayed Sansha Collision Site Decayed Serpentis Collision Site
5.0% Decayed Angel Mass Grave Decayed Blood Raider Mass Grave Decayed Guristas Mass Grave Decayed Sansha Mass Grave Decayed Serpentis Mass Grave
5.0% Ransacked Angel Abandoned Station Ransacked Blood Raider Abandoned Station Ransacked Guristas Abandoned Station Ransacked Sansha Abandoned Station Ransacked Serpentis Abandoned Station
5.0% Ransacked Angel Dumped Cargo Ransacked Blood Raider Dumped Cargo Ransacked Guristas Dumped Cargo Ransacked Sansha Dumped Cargo Ransacked Serpentis Dumped Cargo
2.5% Decayed Angel Lone Vessel Decayed Blood Raider Lone Vessel Decayed Guristas Lone Vessel Decayed Sansha Lone Vessel Decayed Serpentis Lone Vessel
2.5% Decayed Angel Rock Formations Decayed Blood Raider Rock Formations Decayed Guristas Rock Formations Decayed Sansha Rock Formations Decayed Serpentis Rock Formations
2.5% Ransacked Angel Collision Site Ransacked Blood Raider Collision Site Ransacked Guristas Collision Site Ransacked Sansha Collision Site Ransacked Serpentis Collision Site
2.5% Ransacked Angel Demolished Station Ransacked Blood Raider Demolished Station Ransacked Guristas Demolished Station Ransacked Sansha Demolished Station Ransacked Serpentis Demolished Station
1.25% Decayed Angel Mining Installation Decayed Blood Raider Mining Installation Decayed Guristas Mining Installation Decayed Sansha Mining Installation Decayed Serpentis Mining Installation
1.25% Decayed Angel Quarry Decayed Blood Raider Quarry Decayed Guristas Quarry Decayed Sansha Quarry Decayed Serpentis Quarry
1.25% Ransacked Angel Ruined Station Ransacked Blood Raider Ruined Station Ransacked Guristas Ruined Station Ransacked Sansha Ruined Station Ransacked Serpentis Ruined Station
1.25% Ransacked Angel Ship Graveyard Ransacked Blood Raider Ship Graveyard Ransacked Guristas Ship Graveyard Ransacked Sansha Ship Graveyard Ransacked Serpentis Ship Graveyard
Null Sec
20.0% Pristine Angel Ship Remnants Pristine Blood Raider Ship Remnants Pristine Guristas Ship Remnants Pristine Sansha Ship Remnants Pristine Serpentis Ship Remnants
10.0% Pristine Angel Pod Cluster Pristine Blood Raider Pod Cluster Pristine Guristas Pod Cluster Pristine Sansha Pod Cluster Pristine Serpentis Pod Cluster
10.0% Ruined Angel Monument Site Ruined Blood Raider Monument Site Ruined Guristas Monument Site Ruined Sansha Monument Site Ruined Serpentis Monument Site
5.0% Pristine Angel Dumped Cargo Pristine Blood Raider Dumped Cargo Pristine Guristas Dumped Cargo Pristine Sansha Dumped Cargo Pristine Serpentis Dumped Cargo
5.0% Pristine Angel Abandoned Colony Pristine Blood Raider Abandoned Colony Pristine Guristas Abandoned Colony Pristine Sansha Abandoned Colony Pristine Serpentis Abandoned Colony
5.0% Ruined Angel Temple Site Ruined Blood Raider Temple Site Ruined Guristas Temple Site Ruined Sansha Temple Site Ruined Serpentis Temple Site
2.5% Pristine Angel Ship Graveyard Pristine Blood Raider Ship Graveyard Pristine Guristas Ship Graveyard Pristine Sansha Ship Graveyard Pristine Serpentis Ship Graveyard
2.5% Pristine Angel Collision Site Pristine Blood Raider Collision Site Pristine Guristas Collision Site Pristine Sansha Collision Site Pristine Serpentis Collision Site
2.5% Ruined Angel Science Outpost Ruined Blood Raider Science Outpost Ruined Guristas Science Outpost Ruined Sansha Science Outpost Ruined Serpentis Science Outpost
1.25% Pristine Angel Battle Remnants Pristine Blood Raider Battle Remnants Pristine Guristas Battle Remnants Pristine Sansha Battle Remnants Pristine Serpentis Battle Remnants
1.25% Pristine Angel Explosive Debris Pristine Blood Raider Explosive Debris Pristine Guristas Explosive Debris Pristine Sansha Explosive Debris Pristine Serpentis Explosive Debris
1.25% Ruined Angel Crystal Quarry Ruined Blood Raider Crystal Quarry Ruined Guristas Crystal Quarry Ruined Sansha Crystal Quarry Ruined Serpentis Crystal Quarry
Please note: The above data has been compiled from explorer community reports on Cosmic Signatures and, particularly, from data shared by Elisa Fir. Nevertheless, there may be holes in the data, and it is a work in progress. If you have useful information or data that conflicts with anything here, please feel free to contribute.


Magnetometric Sites may only be found in certain regions where the associated faction maintains a presence. These regions are as follows:

Faction Regions
Empire Null Sec
Angel Cartel Heimatar, Metropolis, Molden Heath Impass, Feythabolis, Omist, Tenerifis, Immensea, Curse, Scalding Pass, Wicked Creek, Detorid, Insmother, Great Wildlands, Cache
Blood Raiders Aridia, Genesis, Kador, Khanid, Kor-Azor, The Bleak Lands Delve, Querious, Period Basis
Guristas Pirates Black Rise, Lonetrek, The Citadel, The Forge Tenal, Branch, Venal, Deklein, Pure Blind, Geminate, Vale of the Silent, Tribute
Sansha's Nation Derelik, Devoid, Domain, Tash-Murkon Stain, Paragon Soul, Esoteria, Catch, Providence
Serpentis Corporation Essence, Everyshore, Placid, Sinq Laison, Solitude, Verge Vendor Fade, Outer Ring, Cloud Ring, Syndicate, Fountain
Rogue Drones All Empire Regions All Regions, especially the Drone Regions: Etherium Reach, The Spire, Outer Passage, Malpais, The Kalevala Expanse, Perrigen Falls, Oasa, Cobalt Edge
Please note: The above data has been compiled from explorer community reports on Cosmic Anomalies and Cosmic Signatures. This is a work in progress and the data contained here may be incomplete. If you have more data or information that conflicts with anything here, please feel free to contribute.

Rogue Drones

Not much is known about these sites; however, apparently, the Rogue Drones come into conflict with faction pirates in their Null Security Territories. The following chart shows regions where such conflicts have been spotted.

Special Magnetometric Cosmic Signatures
Angel Cartel Blood Raiders Guristas Sansha's Nation Serpentis
Sig Str Name Region Name Region Name Region Name Region Name Region
? Bloated Ruins Wicked Creek Forgotten Ruins Delve ? Tenal Ancient Ruins Catch Festering Ruins Fountain
? Whispy Ruins Feythabolis Crumbling Ruins Vale of the Silent Hidden Ruins Cloud Ring
Please note: The above data has been compiled from explorer community reports on Cosmic Signatures and, particularly, from data shared by Elisa Fir. Nevertheless, there may be holes in the data, and it is a work in progress. If you have useful information or data that conflicts with anything here, please feel free to contribute.

Wormhole Space

Wormhole space (a.k.a. Anoikis) is littered with Magnetometric Sites: the remnants of the ancient Sleeper and Talocan races. Many valuable artifacts involved in the production of Tech 3 ships are located in these ruins. Deadly sleeper drones patrol these ruins attacking those who would scavenge from them. The types of sites found in w-space are dependent on the Class of system with higher Class systems having significantly greater defenses. All Magnetometric sites in w-space have a Base Signature Strength of 2.5%.

Magnetometric Cosmic Signatures in Anoikis
Sig Str Class 1 Class 2 Class 3
2.5% Forgotten Perimeter Coronation Platform Forgotten Perimeter Gateway Forgotten Frontier Recursive Depot
2.5% Forgotten Perimeter Power Array Forgotten Perimeter Habitation Coils Forgotten Frontier Quarantine Outpost
Sig Str Class 4 Class 5 Class 6
2.5% Forgotten Frontier Conversion Module Forgotten Core Data Field Forgotten Core Assembly Hall
2.5% Forgotten Frontier Evacuation Center Forgotten Core Information Pen Forgotten Core Circuitry Disassembler

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